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High quality photos = increased income

Home Owner

Tako has been renting her apartment on Airbnb for several months. More and more guests were telling her that the apartment was much better than it was in the pictures, also, she didn’t get much bookings. So, Tako decided to contact Wehost and renew photos of her apartment.

What was our goal

Since the number of listings on Airbnb is growing every day and there is a huge competition, our goal was to take photos that would help Tako’s apartment to stand out from others.

Besides, we had to take photos that would depict real state of Tako’s apartment and wouldn’t create wrong expectation

What we did

In order to get desirable results, our team arranged staging of apartment for professional photoshoot. Choosing right angles and lightning and using wide lens camera allowed our professional photographers to bring out the best of the apartment.


After uploading the new photos on Airbnb, significantly increased interest on the apartment a Increased the number of bookings and then the price of the apartments as well

Choosing the right design is a real challenge

Home Owner

Nika’s apartment is located in the center of the city. In Tbilisi, long term renting was never a big dial but this way, he could not get enough money that would be worth of damage from long term rental. Renting apartment on tourists is much more profitable but requires much more time and resources as well.

Choosing the right interior was one of the big challenges and renting apartment with old or nor very special interior was almost impossible when there is a huge competition on the market. Even newly renovated apartment was not good for Airbnb standards and that’s why he decided to give it to the professionals of wehost.

What we did

Our goal was to improve the interior so that it would become more appealing for the tourists. For that, we had only minimal amount of money, only 5000 lari.

We changed the whole interior, painted the walls, renovated the kitchen and made a few changes in furniture as well.

What was a result

New design completely changed the apartment. It was almost impossible to make such radical changes with that amount of money.

After changing the design, the number of guests increased significantly. The owner got his invested money back in a few months and new interior changed the price of this apartment as well as its renting potential